Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I've Never Felt This Way Before...

"Familiarity is the root of the closest friendships, as well as the intensest hatreds." (Antoine Rivarol)
 Familiarity? Is that it? I'm too familiar with this cursed dress?

I loved the idea. It was magical in my head. I picked out the fabric with the greatest care, took me 2 hours. I could see the shining silver snowflakes in my head. How gorgeous would an Alice in Winterland dress be?

I hate this dress. It's beautiful. I'm proud of it in a bitter way but... I hate it. I've never felt this way before about anything I've ever made. I don't like it.

Despite my hating it, Luna is going to look beautiful. I tried it on her tonight and it fits like a glove. I still have to do the embroidery, apron, and diaper cover tonight.

I'm going to try not to let my blood sugar about make me pass out again like earlier. I rushed to the kitchen, grabbed strawberries, black berries, a glass of milk, and made me a chicken salad sandwich. So glad I made that chicken salad last night!

Night ended with my girl being adorable again. Here is a video of what she would say if she met the Doctor.

And a picture of my baby girl sleeping in out bed. CO-SLEEPING FOR THE WIN!

The rest of the pics are random... Enjoy!

Lunch of Champions!

My work station during my lunch break

I really love pins. I really hate those sleeves.
Finished the freakin thing!

Yeah, even stitched the skirt on inside out. Had to pull out all the stitches.

Finally done with the major parts!


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